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I get lots of questions from aspiring entrepreneurs that what business should they start in 2019. Some of them are in college, some of them are working in a traditional job and are under bad leadership, some of them have a nudge and want to start a business. So, I decided to compile a list of business ideas that will stay very relevant in 2019. I am the co-founder of I Innovate magazine (it's a magazine that provides painkillers to entrepreneurs' problems) and pretty much famous on Facebook groups and Quora. This post is very-very long and **only if you are planning to start a business in 2019, you should ready this post**. 😅 ## 1: Tech Support Service You can guide people to solve their problems with their electronic devices like laptop and phones over a phone call. Startup Cost: * Educating yourself – $100 * Subscription to multiple tech magazines to stay updated – $100 per year * Website – $50 per year * Phone connection – $50 * High-speed internet for video calling – $50 * Ads for Facebook – $250 **Total cost –** $600 ## 2: Bicycle Repair Repair the bicycles of those who are too busy to repair or who don’t know how to repair. Startup cost: * Educating yourself – $100 * Equipments – $200 * Ads on Craigslist and Facebook – $250 **Total cost –** $550 ## 3: Local Travel Consultant You guide tourists over a phone call and email on what to visit in your city and when. Startup cost: * Books on your city – $100 * Subscription to magazines which write about your city – $50 * Ads on Facebook and tourist maps – $400 **Total cost –** $550 ## 4: Create An Instagram Page Create an Instagram page in a specific niche and start posting on it. Once you have more than 20k followers, you can start doing business by posting pictures of other brands on your Instagram page in return for money. Startup cost: * Payment to other Instagram accounts for the paid shoutout – $300 * Instagram ads – $200 (I would not recommend you to use Instagram ads to grow your followers but still provided the cost in case you’re interested) * Photo editing tools – $150 per year **Total cost –** $650 ​ **If you want to download the PDF of these ideas, you can head over to** [**my site**]( **and download the PDF.** ​ ## 5: Coffee Cart Open a coffee cart in a busy downtown area. Initially, you need to serve the coffees but you can hire a person to operate the cart once you start to make enough money. Startup cost: * Rent a coffee cart – $100 per month * Coffee beans – $100 * Books on making commercial coffees – $50 **Total cost –** $250 ## 6: YouTube Channel Create a YouTube channel on vlogs, how to, funny video compilations, cat or dog videos, etc. Make sure that you don’t put any copyright video or music because you cannot monetize that video and the revenue from all of the ads appearing in that video will go the person who holds the copyright. Startup cost: * Creating a channel – $0 * (Optional) Buying a DSLR camera if you’re going to shoot the video – $500 * Video editing software – $20 per month but there are few free software presents also * Books on how to edit videos – $40 * Books on managing a YouTube channel – $40 **Total cost –** $600 (cost of DSLR camera included) Download the clean looking PDF for offline reading. This article will take your 25 mins to read. ## 7: Become A Tutor What can be better than teaching someone? If you’re good at something, you can teach either online (via Skype) or offline (personally meeting them). You can also create an e-course and upload on elearning websites like and Startup cost: * Buying books to master the skill – $100 * (Optional) Video editing software if you’re going for e-course – $20 per month * (Optional) DSLR camera if you’re going for e-course – $500 * Ads on Facebook and Craigslist – $250 **Total cost –** $770 (cost of DSLR camera and video editing software included) ## 8: Professional Organizer If you’re like Monica from Friends then you can earn money out of it. There is a huge market present for this service. Your potential customers are the rich people who don’t have enough time to organize the things. Startup cost: * Ads for Facebook and Craigslist – $250 **Total cost –** $250 ## 9. Dog Walker You can go for this option if you’re a dog person like me. You get to spend your time with lots of dogs. The best part is that you don’t have to spend entire day for this activity. Just 1 hour a day would suffice. Startup cost: * Pet insurance – $300 * Ads on Facebook and Craigslist – $250 **Total cost –** $550 ## 10. Sell On Amazon And EBay Buy something on wholesale and sell it on Amazon. It can be anything but make sure that you don’t sell very popular products like phone, electronics appliances, etc. so that you don’t get lost in the crowd. Startup cost: * Inventory – It highly depends on what you’re going to sell. I would say that you can use Toyota’s Just in Time inventory which means that you only buy it from wholesale once you’ve received the order. I am still giving a cost of $500 to it. * Books on search optimization on Amazon and eBay – $50 * Product photography – $100 **Total cost –** $650 ## 11. Fashion Stylist Get into this field if you like to design clothes or you have a good dressing sense. There is a very big market out there of rich people who don’t like shopping or don’t have time to shop. They hire other people to buy clothes for them. You can be that one. Startup cost: * Subscribe fashion magazines to stay up to date – $50 * Ads on Facebook and Craigslist – $250 **Total cost –** $300 ## 12. Translator If you know two languages that you can earn money out of it. There’s a huge demand for translators especially to those who know Asian languages and English. Startup cost: * Website – $50 * Grammar books – $50 * Facebook ads – $250 **Total cost –** $350 ## 13. Photographer Become a wedding photographer and you can charge $1000 for a single wedding shoot. Follow a few photographers on Instagram to learn the angle and lighting. Startup cost: * DSLR camera – $500 * Gears + Lens – $300 * Photo editing software – $25 per month * Books on photography and Photoshop – $100 **Total cost –** $925 Download the clean looking PDF for offline reading. This article will take your 25 mins to read. ## 14. Errand Runner Some people don’t have time to go here and there. You can do for them in return for money. Startup cost: * Ads on Facebook and Craigslist – $250 Total cost – $250 ## 15. Battery Reconditioning People are recycling more and more battery nowadays as they’re becoming environmentally conscious. There’s a good market here for you Startup cost: * Equipment and tools – $700 * Ads on Facebook and Craigslist – $250 **Total cost –** $950 ## 16. Online Gym Coach Guide the people online over Skype who wants to build muscles and get lean. Startup cost: * Website – $50 * Instagram ads (Instagram ads are more effective than Facebook ads here) – $250 **Total cost –** $300 ## 17. Website Designer Design websites for individuals and businesses. Startup cost: * Web designing books – $50 * Coding software – $30 per month * Designing software – $20 per month * Ads on Facebook – $250 **Total cost –** $350 ## 18. College Application Consultant Guide students to join the best college for them based on their performance. Startup cost: * Subscription to educational magazines to stay up to date – $50 * Ads for Facebook and Craigslist – $250 **Total cost –** $300 ## 19. Manufacture A Product At Home And Sell Manufacture handmade products and sell on Etsy or Shopify. You can also sell them on Amazon and eBay. Startup cost: * Inventory costs depend on the product you’re manufacturing. I would suggest you use Toyota’s just in time inventory process which means that you’ll manufacture only when you receive an order. I am allotting $500 for this. * Tools to manufacture – $200 * Ads on Facebook and Instagram – $250 **Total cost –** $950 ​ **There are a total of** [**67 business ideas on my site**](**. If you want to read the rest of them, just head over there.** ​ **Vote up if you find this post helpful.** ​ Best Regards, Vaibhav Sharan Co-founder and CEO I Innovate magazine