Hello all! I'm 35, male, and live in Texas. I'm up late as usual, having a drink and trying to teach my dog new tricks. I'd love to hear from you. I'm old.. I know, and divorced, but I don't have any kids. Sometimes I'm happy about that, other times I'm not. I have a wonderful and stubborn Asian girlfriend (I'm Mexican), that I've been with for the better part of three years. I pass my time playing music and playing video games. I also read a lot of sci fi and do random things. I guess I should list some random interests. -I enjoy bike riding, and usually ride a few dozen miles a day. I recently got a fancy road bike off of my local let go community. My only experience was with mountain bikes.. fuck road bikes are fast, For anyone into it I got used 1980's 10 speed (I'm not sure of the brand, it has some tour de france stuff on it but I can't make out the make or model) with mavic wheels. -I play music a lot, I practice guitar and drums for at least a few hours a day, and I'm currently working my way through the Muse catalog. -As per the norm, I play video games, currently playing Deliverance Kingdom Come". -As my other posts have said I'm into liability and negligence law. -I can tell you secrets about netflix. ( I tried to report a flaw in billing to their bug bounty thing, and they told me it wasn't a concern, so I'm happy to share it with anyone that wants free netflix.)